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Before you start

With the installation of this solution you acknowledge that you have read these instructions carefully and performed a system backup before starting. Support for this solution will be provided to the best of my ability, as there are other applications involved there may be limited capabilities to resolve all issues.

Plugin Update Instructions


Installing or Updating Ninite Solution will cause the LabTech Database Agent to immediately restart which will terminate any scripts that are currently running. Before Installing the Plugin ensure that all scripts have completed.

For additional information, refer to  View Running Scripts.

  1. Launch the Plugin Installer Utility, this utility can be launched from any machine.
  2. Enter your LabTech credentials for an account with Super Admin privileges
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    Enable HTTP Tunnel must be enabled on the user account that you are logging in with.

  3. Select Ninite Solution from the plugin list.
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  4. Click on the Install Selected Plugin(s) button, you will see a prompt about the Database Agent being restarted during this process to proceed you need to click Yes.
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  5. Once the Installation has been completed you will see a confirmation that the LabTech Database Agent has been issued a restart command
    LabTech Plugin Insatller - Restart AffirmationImage RemovedImage Added

Please ensure you review the latest Release Notes to be aware of any changes.