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Release Date

March 29, 2017



This version of Ninite Solution has been tested with the following versions of LabTech.

  • ConnectWise Automate 11
  • ConnectWise Automate 10.5


  • Added support for application: Flash (PPAPI)
  • Updated Version Definitions, adding support for
    • Teamviewer 12
    • Teamviewer 11
    • Firefox ESR 52
    • Firefox ESR 45
  • Adjusted Application Maintenance script to handle some ConnectWise Automate 11 specific changes, this should prevent the script unexpectedly exiting on errors.
  • Loading pop-up should no longer get stuck when using the new Computer Screen

How to Install this Update

Using the Plugin Installer

Using the Plugin Installer method is currently the preferred method for installing Updates.

  1. Review Update Instructions

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