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titleRelease Date
May 15, 2017


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This is a Nightly build and has only had limited testing, Feel welcome to install this version if you wish to contribute to the testing process. if you encounter any issues please email them through to



  • Ninite Solution Dashboard has had some minor styling changes compared to
  • Added an "On Demand" section to the Ninite Solution Dashboard, allowing you to trigger On Demand actions across multiple machines with a variety of filters.

On Demand

Image Added



  • Updated the "Dashboard" Window to be Cleaner and Easier to Navigate in preparation for additional changes to come. 

Dashboard History Graph - Before

Dashboard History Graph - After

Dashboard History Details - Before

Dashboard History Graph - After



  • Added support for application: Glary
  • Application Updates that have been Declined by the End User through the use of Prompt to Close will now show within the update history as "Skipped - User Declined" instead of "Skipped - In Use", this change will only take place for new occurrences. 



  • Added support for application: Handbrake
  • Added support for the undocumented and experimental Ninite Pro Switch (/proproxy) which is referred to as Public Proxy within Ninite Solution.

Public Proxy

As each application Ninite updates comes from a random selection from the publishers official mirrors Public proxy is a method that instructs Ninite to proxy all downloads through Ninite's own proxy server ( the Public Proxy option can be enabled either globally or per location, see more details below.

  1. On the system Dashboard, this will cause all agents across all locations to use the Public Proxy

  2. On each Location there is a Public Proxy section that you can configure with one of 3 options.


    Use Global SettingsDefault this setting instructions all agents under this location to refer to the Global settings to determine if Public Proxy is used.
    EnabledAll agents for this location will use the Public Proxy, this overrides the configuration of Public Proxy on the Global Settings.
    DisabledAll agents for this location will NOT use the Public Proxy, this overrides the configuration of Public Proxy on the Global Settings.


How to Install this Update

There is currently a single method for installing or updating Ninite Solution.

The Plugin Installer
  1. Ensure that the Enable Nightly Builds option is selected on the Global Settings tab under the heading "Advanced Options"
  2. Follow Update Instructions

Nightly Updates

Nightly Update version notes are all combined in the same article, for information relating to a specific nightly release please see the following sections: 

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